Nepal and Thailand Trip Pictures

I took these pictures with my Kodak DC120 digital camera, storing them to a 48 MByte Sandisk Compact Flash card (which I just about filled up!). They were originally 1280x960 24-bit color images stored using the camera's 'best' quality compressed mode. I batch-converted them to 640x480 (quality level 75) and 80x60 thumbnail (quality level 50) JPEGs using Cerius Software's ThumbsPlus, which directly reads the camera's KDC format without need of a Twain driver. Aside from reducing image size, rotating the image in some cases and converting to JPEG format, I made no other exposure, color balance, sharpness, cropping or other edits.

Click on a thumbnail below for a larger, higher-quality version of the JPEG. Within a category, I've arranged the images in chronological order (from upper left to lower right). If you have any questions about where I took a specific picture or about trekking in Nepal in general, email me!


Wonderful People

Beautiful Scenery

Our Trekking Companions; Ang Babu, Keshab and Ram

Ang Babu's 21st Birthday Party (Look Folks, He's NOT Eating Dal Bhat!)

Swayambhunath Stupa (Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu, Known As The 'Monkey Temple')

Boudhanatha Stupa (Another Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu)

The Gompa at Bryaga (Buddhist Monastery)

Other Buddhism Images

Miscellaneous Pictures

Bangkok, Thailand

The Grand Palace, and Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho (Buddhist Temples)

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